Is there a free trial?

Yes, all options of the single-user account are available for free testing for 14 days. To test the team and enterprise functionalities, please contact the Support.

How many co-workers can I manage?

A maximum of 3 additional co-workers are allowed in the Team Account – there is no limit in the Enterprise Account.

Does everyone in a team have to own and pay for an account?

No, each member of the team has to use their own account, but only the team leader has to pay a fee.

Does everyone in the team see all entries?

No, only team administrators can see all entries. Normal users see only their own entries – but all projects of all team members. Per app one always sees only own entries.

Can I export my data as CSV?

Yes, entries of all team members can be easily and quickly exported by Team Administrators as CSV. Normal users can only export their own entries.

Can I download a backup of my data?

Yes, all data can be downloaded easily and safely in the menu item Backups. The file is a Base64 encoded json file.

Where can I find the mobile app?

Our app is available for free on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

Can the app do everything the web dashboard can do?

No, the mobile app is an application for entering and maintaining time entries. Entries of team members, team administration and team statistics are only available on the web.

How can I generate invoices from the entries?

It is best to use our partner software Billtano.de

Where is the server location?

Server location is Germany, to be exact, all our servers are hosted by Hetzner in N├╝rnberg.